PT . Tripa GLOBAL LOGISTICS , would like to introduce our company and want to work together to be one
Partner / Partner with the company Mr. / Mrs. lead to the following areas :SERVING INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT
Sea & Air forwarding, customs clearance , PROJECT SPECIALIST , INLAND TRANSPORTATIOON ,
EXPORT - IMPORT , sea and air ports through both official and Volume ( All inclusive ) in the whole of Indonesia


• Permits and equipment Transaction Data with the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.
• Number of the Customs Clearance Services ( NPPJK ) issued by the Director General of Customs and Excise.
• On Line Creation and Transfer of PIB with EDI.
• System ( Direct On Line with the Director General of Customs.
• and Excise on behalf of PT . Tripa GLOBAL LOGISTICS.
• Our agency in Asia , Europe , Africa , Australia , USA , and the whole territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Our vision and mission is to become the leading and reliable companies in Indonesia and International .

# Being right solution for your company .
# Contribute to the mutual success of your company
# Streamlining your business with a service that is Satisfactory and on time .
# Prices are relatively cheap / competitive

We aim to be ( friend ) who can always be relied upon in partnership with your company to success.



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Head Office
Plaza D'Arcici Lt.3 Room 304
Jl.Letjend Suprapto No.62
Cempaka Putih - Jakarta 10520
Telp: 62-21 4288 6782
Fax: 62-21 4288 6782
Mobile: 081382705796

   Export / Import marketing@tripalogistics.co.id
   Marketing tripa@cbn.net.id
   Mr. Abas abasnagan@yahoo.com


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